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          Topware International Co,.Ltd.
          M.T. +86-13586687749

          Topware International Co., Ltd. started business with cleaning tools which includes mops, squeegees, cleaning cloths, brushes and so on. With several years' research and hard working, we have developed all ranges of cleaning tools and got much experience in this filed. We are well aware of the demands of the customers and the change of the market.

          Now,We gradually widen our business scope. Besides the cleaning tools, we also export household products, sports and leisure products. Supported by hundreds of factories, we have advantages of high-quality products, competitive price, new designs and timely delivery.

          Now our company has two products range:

          1)KEN cleaning
          -professional in manufactuing and exporting cleaning tools
          -with the support of own factory
          -deal with all kinks of different cleaning tools which include mop,squeegee,brush,duster,
          cleaning cloth...
          -have the latest model
          -ability of developing new items

          2)TOP houseware
          -more than 500 cooperating factories
          -deal with thousands of items
          -have the most competitive price
          -exported worldwide

          If you're intested in our products, please contact us without any hesitate,your inquriy will be attached great importance.


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